Glasses Repairs

Glasses Repairs

Whether it is a pair of spectacles or a pair of sunglasses, you are probably lost without them. If it is spectacles, then you need them desperately to be able to see appropriately. If it is sunglasses, well, there is nothing worse than driving down the road in the summer with no sunglasses; not only can it be uncomfortable, it could be dangerous.

If you recently damaged your glasses, whichever pair it was, invest in glasses repair! Glasses are not cheap to start out with, so at 1001 Optical, we provide top-notch spectacle repair and sunglasses repair to get you back out on the road safely and without breaking the bank.

Our leading eye care specialists are here to adequately repair your precious, extra set of eyes. Let us help restore your vision today by repairing your glasses for you! Or, if it is sunglasses, let us save your eyes from the dreadful squinting caused by the sun.

We offer expert glasses repair for sunglasses and glasses. Whether the problem is big or small, if you need something fixed, contact us today and let us help you. We take pride in our outstanding and articulate glasses repair services that are sure to leave you with glasses that feel as if they are brand new, all over again.

Glasses can be expensive; rather than investing in a brand new pair, let us make the damaged ones feel brand new. We provide quick, quality services for all your glasses repair needs. Check the official details on the services we offer and all the specifics of what we are able to repair. Your revitalised pair of eye glasses or sunglasses will thank you for letting us service them!