★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

Precision 1 Contact Lenses

Precision 1 Contact Lenses Australia


Precision 1 contact lenses from Alcon are designed to support your eyes in all conditions. These great one-day lenses will help you experience everything that life has to offer. These lenses are easy to handle, comfortable to wear, and 100% dependable. If you want to live your best life in comfort, Alcon contacts are ready to help.

Alcon Precision 1 contacts offer precise vision, outstanding comfort, and reliable ease of use. You can slide them on easily, move around freely, and enjoy your life without worrying about your vision. If you're looking for a trusted daily disposable solution, Precision 1 contact lenses may be the answer you've been looking for. 

Precision 1 contacts from Alcon offer the following features:

- Precise vision —  Whether you're nearsighted or farsighted, Precision 1 daily contact lenses are designed to make a difference and provide high-quality vision for all prescriptions. 

- Easy handling — Contact lenses don't have to be difficult. These contacts are easy to handle and simple to replace, which is essential when you have a daily replacement schedule.

- Daily replacement schedulePrecision 1 contact lenses from Alcon offer a safe and convenient daily replacement schedule. With simple replacement and no cleaning required, you are always ready to go.

Introducing the 1001 Optical team

At 1001 Optical, we specialise in high-quality contact lenses and eyewear products. We’re known for delivering quality eye care solutions to people who demand the very best. With more than 30 years in the industry, our professional optometrists provide reliable care and friendly support. They can advise you on proper contact lens hygiene and handling and the correct replacement schedule for your contacts to avoid overwear

We stock contact lenses, prescription glasses, and stylish designer glasses from names like Ray-Ban, Prada, Oakley, and Gucci. We also have dailyfortnightly, and monthly contact lenses to choose from. So if you're looking for Precision 1 daily contact lenses, we should be your go-to for great products at low prices.

  • PRECISION 1 - 30 LENSES - 1 DAY $47.00

    The Alcon Precision 1 1 Day 30 Lenses contact lenses are an innovative, comfortable eyewear solution for those who desire an easy alternative to glasses. 1001 Optical is proud to sell Alcon 1 Day contact lenses, which use innovative technology, so you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing them!

    Whether you’ve used contact lenses before or you’re new to them, these Alcon lenses are convenient and comfortable. The Precision 1 is a Daily contact lens; meaning you’ll have to change yours every 1 Day. We can also fit your Alcon contacts with your personal prescription - if you have a condition such as astigmatism, or need multifocals, it won’t be a problem. Speak to our expert optometrists or customer service team if you’re after advice and assistance in this matter.

    Not sure whether the Precision 1 1 Day 30 Lenses are for you? Why not come into your nearest 1001 Optical store or contact customer service? Our team of experts will be happy to assess your lifestyle and check your eyes, and then give you helpful advice on how to use and care for these contact lenses.

  • PRECISION 1 - 90 LENSES - 1 DAY $125.00

    If you’re looking for a cutting-edge eyewear solution, then the Alcon Precision 1 1 Day 90 Lenses contact lenses are the perfect choice. These quality 1 Day contacts have been made using the latest technology, ensuring that they’re soft and comfortable to wear even for longer periods. 1001 Optical is proud to stock Alcon contact lenses, at a great price! With a great reputation in the industry, these lenses are a good choice.

    These Alcon contact lenses are perfect both for experienced users and first-timers. If you’re not sure how to properly use and care for 1 Day lenses, our highly trained staff will be happy to give expert advice and assistance so you can get the most out of these contacts.

    If you’re worrying that you won’t be able to get your glasses prescription transferred to the Alcon Precision 1 1 Day 90 Lenses contacts, then get in touch with our customer service team or pop into your nearest 1001 Optical store, and our highly trained staff will be able to devise a customised solution.