Oakley Glasses 

While you may have heard of Oakley sunglasses for outdoor enthusiasts, Oakley glasses stand up to the same high quality that people know the sunglasses for. Oakley glasses come with the same dedication to style and quality that they put into their sunglasses, and you'll get an excellent product that looks good and protects your vision at the same time. 

Oakley glasses work to create a seamless blend of sport and lifestyle, and this is what makes them a favourite of clients throughout Australia. They have a sleek and minimalist look that appeals to both men and women alike, and they come with that same rugged durability that Oakley built a solid reputation for over the years. 

Whether you want a thinner frame or a more traditional thicker frame, Oakley flawlessly delivers in both departments. At 1001 Optical, we're immensely proud of our lineup of both non-prescription and prescription Oakley glasses, and we excel at helping our customers pick out the best Oakley glasses to suit their needs. 

If you need Oakley prescription glasses, we can quickly and easily customise your Oakleys to suit your prescription. This way, you'll be able to be stylish and feel confident with a pair of rugged Oakleys without compromising your vision. No matter if you need them for driving, reading or general use, we'll outfit them with your prescription straight away. 

Additionally, we also excel at helping our customers find the best pair of Oakley glasses to suit their face shape, and this ensures that you can wear these glasses for extended periods and still stay comfortable. You can get in touch with our staff today if you'd like more information, or if you'd like us to help you find the perfect Oakley prescription glasses.