Terms & Conditions

Man wearing glasses with 1001 Optical customer service
Man wearing glasses with 1001 Optical customer service

Terms and Conditions

Accessibility and usage of www.1001optical.com.au is subject to the following Terms and Conditions which apply to the entire website including any contracts with 1001 Optical.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully in order to understand our practices and thereby agree by the following that apply to you even if you’re not a member of the website.

Breaches or any other related acts are subject to penalties accordingly.

Please become familiar with the terms and conditions of our website, as you will become bound by them.

The following Terms and Conditions may be revised accordingly from time to time and you agree to abide by any of the revisions being made in the future.

Content & Emails

All content been prepared to educate and inform you with regards to eye care, eyewear and other related topics.

As a customer, your visit to the website must have no negative intentions such as:

  • Transmitting illegal or improper licensed materials to the website
  • Acts of threat, obscenity, derogation, offense, discrimination, privacy and proprietary violation
  • Infringement attempts that also include third parties
  • Support of criminal acts or other related liabilities that breach the respective Laws.
  • Causing technical harm to the site with potential threats such as viruses, worms, malicious materials with codes, trojans etc.
  • Any sort of Hacking and Phishing activities

1001 Optical Pty. Ltd. holds the right (but not the responsibility) to delete or amend such content posted by you. We have the right but not the duty to monitor and take action against harmful contents. We take no liabilities on contents that may be posted by you or any third party.

We can take necessary actions on threats caused by you that hamper the site’s health and development. Website content will however be reviewed without any obligation of doing it on a periodic basis.

Any material submitted under the name given by you can be used by 1001 Optical in order to edit, recreate, translate, publish and distribute throughout any channels of media.

1001 Optical does not owe (and nor do you) any royalty subject to the provision and use of material transmitted to and from the Website.

Descriptions of Products

We have taken the effort to maintain the product descriptions to be clear and concise.

Conversely, 1001 Optical does not guarantee the precision of information provided even though the information may prove to be helpful in education about the product.

DISCLAIMER: We do not indicate any kind of warranties or representations in our descriptions and other content. Your usage of this site is completely at your own risk. 1001 Optical does not warrant itself as a virus free site. We are not responsible for any harmful threats that may arise out of the website causing damage to you. However, depending on the nature of the damage which could be direct, indirect or consequential, laws may differ accordingly. The difference in State and National Laws may also affect the implication of warranties and limitations of liabilities which in turn may result in certain rights that you may have in addition.

You may inform us if any errors in the descriptions or contents are found by you which needs amendment. We shall then take the necessary steps to fix the issue.


Following are the contents that are protected by international copyright laws:

  1. Logos
  2. Software
  3. Products
  4. Texts
  5. Graphics
  6. Images
  7. Icons
  8. Miscellaneous Digital Content (e.g. Audio Clips)

Penalties and charges apply accordingly if any of our contents are misused or mistreated. All of the above are secured property of 1001 Optical Pty. Ltd. in line with International Copyright Laws.

Trade Marks

The trademarks, service marks, logos and trade dress must not be used for any purpose without the legal consent of 1001 Optical Pty Ltd. All contents included in the ‘Copyright’ section above are a complete legal entity of 1001 Optical; these contents need prior permission from the company for any use or purpose.

Legal action will be taken accordingly by us if any sort of breach occurs in terms of the copyrights and trademarks of the company.

You must not use the company’s name for any other website’s development or online activities without the legal permission of 1001 Optical Pty Ltd.

Online Orders

The ordering process commences with the selection of the product(s) (Optical frames, sunglasses, lenses and contact lenses). While you add to the cart and check out, you can use coupon codes provided by 1001 Optical helping you gain benefits on purchasing from us. Coupon codes are subject to validation depending on promotions, lucky draws, reward points and expiry date. Should we notice any errors of discount codes, we can reverse your transaction and contact you for re-ordering without any discount errors.

When you purchase from our website, you have agreed to the terms mentioned above and below.


Our payment methods are powered by FatZebra, NAB, PayPal, Afterpay, ZipPay and Humm. The data flow through the website is covered by the Secure Sockets Layer which ensures high encryption and security of data transfer such as your payment details.

Fraudulent use of a customer’s credit card does not hold 1001 Optical responsible in any way.

Should our system indicate any errors or suspicious points of transaction, we reserve the right to request additional verification for security and compliance purposes and we may refuse to proceed with the order purchase until we are satisfied that no fraud has occurred.


By creating an account with 1001 Optical, you agree to allow us to communicate with you via Website posts, Email, SMS, Phone calls and Letters or other print media.

Our website posts, to blogs and other written or visual content are designed to educate and inform you on eyecare and eyewear.

Emails and SMS’s sent by us deal with the online orders, promotional materials and eye care information. However, you can choose to unsubscribe from the promotional and other related emails accordingly.

You agree that all the types of communications mentioned above are in line with the respective legal laws.

Website Access, Security and Links

The access to www.1001optical.com.au is restricted to an extent for the security of your privacy, our website and its other related assets. Personal usage and download from the website also have their limitations where any downloads or commercial use of the website can be done only with legal written consent of 1001 Optical Pty. Ltd. No duplications or resale of our property is allowed without our legal consent. You agree not to use the website’s name and its contents for any SEO purposes without our legal written consent.

When you create an account with 1001 Optical, the username and password entered by you is a basic security for your account. The correct use grants you access to your member page in the website which shows your respective personal information, order and purchase details etc.

We reserve the right but not the commitment to cross check or investigate any such accounts that have been registered on our website. You agree to be responsible for any unauthorised use (e.g. hacking) of your account in terms of the limitations, communication and other obligations acquired in such types of access.

You agree to be responsible for the security of your details entered for our members account. Should you face any issues of breach or misuse of your account, you must inform us without any delay.

Nevertheless, we look forward to avoiding these issues and try to secure data with the help of the SSL Certificate (Secured Sockets Layer). PayPal and NAB are payment gateways with minimal risks of security breach.

Outbound links from 1001 Optical.com may link to websites that are not reviewed by us. You agree to access/visit the website at your own risk and you’ll be entirely responsible for any risks that may be involved harming your usage and details online. However, we reserve the right but not the duty to filter these links accordingly.

Apart from the outbound links, you can link to our website as long as your respective activities (online/offline) are implemented with the right intentions that involve right/legal intentions and not false/illegal intentions. You agree not to damage our brand or website. Should this happen, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions and charge penalties accordingly.

Reviews, Comments and Incoming Emails

With limited access, you’re allowed to write reviews and comments on the product web pages or blog posts as long as the content of these is not illegal, obscene, threatening etc. We reserve the right to remove such content that may hamper the website’s development or even damage the brand. Charges or penalties may apply accordingly on those breaching these terms of communicating with us.

In order to make any enquiries or clarify queries via email, you can get in touch at contactus@1001optical.com.au. You agree to communicate via email without any potential online risks of hacking or phishing. Use of false email addresses for impersonation can be considered as an act of fraud which is thereby subject to legal charges.

Complaints & Disputes

You can contact us immediately if you need to make a complaint regarding any issue that you face with 1001 Optical Pty Ltd.

Complaints regarding personal information and privacy disturbance shall be taken into serious consideration and will be acted on accordingly with a view to the best possible resolution.

Disputes with respect to your purchase, visits and products on our website will again be taken into serious consideration.