Pilot Sunglasses

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  1. Prada Linea Rossa | 0PS 50SS
    Special Price $256.00 Regular Price $320.00
  2. Prada Linea Rossa | 0PS 55QS
    Special Price $256.00 Regular Price $320.00
  3. Carrera | 153/S
    Special Price $201.60 Regular Price $252.00
  4. Carrera | 166/S
    Special Price $184.80 Regular Price $231.00
  5. Carrera | 187/S
    Special Price $176.80 Regular Price $221.00
  6. Carrera | 2005T/S
    Special Price $126.40 Regular Price $158.00
  7. Carrera | 8030/S
    Special Price $210.40 Regular Price $263.00
  8. Fendi | FFM0028/S
    Special Price $298.50 Regular Price $597.00
  9. Hugo Boss | 1016/S
    Special Price $220.00 Regular Price $440.00
  10. Hugo Boss | 1032/F/S
    Special Price $336.00 Regular Price $420.00
  11. Jimmy Choo | AVE/S
    Special Price $270.00 Regular Price $540.00
  12. Jimmy Choo | RAVE/S
    Special Price $310.00 Regular Price $620.00
  13. Rag And Bone | RNB1006/S
    Special Price $165.00 Regular Price $330.00
  14. Rag And Bone | RNB5004/S
    Special Price $134.00 Regular Price $268.00
  15. Rag And Bone | RNB5014/S
    Special Price $190.50 Regular Price $381.00

50 Results


Pilot Sunglasses

If you love the retro look, our pilot sunglasses will give you that Top Gun style. Whether you are looking for prescription or standard sunglasses, you can buy online or in-store with 1001 Optical. We even offer a range of payment options such as buy now, pay later with Afterpay, Zip, and Humm accepted, so you can get your sunglasses now.

Pilot sunglasses have been a popular choice in recent years, thanks to their vintage styling and fun look. Sometimes known as aviator shades or fighter pilot sunglasses, at 1001 Optical we’ve put together a selection of these glasses from big brands, so you can find a pair to keep you stylish even on the sunniest days.

Pilot Shaped Sunglasses Have Been Around for Decades

Pilot shaped sunglasses aren’t a new look, they’ve actually been around since the 1930s. As the name implies, they were initially designed for pilots in the US military, and their thin wire frames made them lightweight and easy to wear on long flights. In the late 30s, the Ray Ban Aviators came on the market, as their practical style made them great for wearing during sports, and eventually, they became a fashionable look that has been popular ever since.

Find Men’s and Women’s Pilot Sunglasses at 1001 Optical

1001 Optical has pilot sunglasses in men’s, women’s and unisex styles, with lots of variations to suit different face shapes.

Women’s pilot sunglasses are set to be a big trend, as the oversized styles are back in fashion again. Sunglasses with larger lenses tend to suit those who have heart shaped faces, although some people with round faces find that bigger sunglasses can balance out their features. If larger frames don’t work for you, consider pilot sunglasses that are slightly smaller, with less of a teardrop shape.

Both our women’s and men’s pilot sunglasses come in different materials, from classic wire frames to thicker frames in many colours. As a general rule, if you have strong features you’d like to soften, then thinner, wire frames work well. If you want to give your face more definition, then try frames with darker, thicker lenses.

Pilot Sunglasses from Popular Brands

At 1001 Optical, we have over 30 years’ experience creating quality glasses and sunglasses, so that’s why we focus on providing high quality brands. In our range you’ll find the classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, as well as Gucci, Prada, Hugo Boss, Rag and Bone, Smith and more. Once you’ve selected the sunglasses you like, all you need to do is order online and send over your prescription, so we can create them to your exact specifications. We’ll get in touch if we need further information, then we ship them straight to you, ready to wear, and you get peace of mind knowing your pilot sunglasses have been crafted by qualified opticians.

1001 Optical allows you to buy prescription sunglasses, or just ones with standard lenses, either online or in-store. Use our branch finder or simply order online and we’ll shop your sunglasses to your door.