Pilot Sunglasses

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  1. Ray-Ban | 0RB3543
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $280.00
  2. Prada Linea Rossa | 0PS 05RS
    Special Price $256.00 Regular Price $320.00
  3. Ray-Ban | 0RB3026
    Special Price $160.00 Regular Price $200.00
  4. Kate Spade | AVALINE2/S
    Special Price $248.00 Regular Price $310.00
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  5. Gucci | GG0107S
    Special Price $492.00 Regular Price $615.00

5 Results

Pilot & Aviator Sunglasses

First designed for, and used by pilots, to protect their eyes whilst flying, this design has become one of the most popular frames around, and a great choice whatever the occasion. Experiencing a period of popularity many years ago, pilot sunglasses have taken off in a big way once again in recent times, and here at 1001 Optical we boast a wide range of quality products at some of the best prices in the industry!

As Tom Cruise and company showed, these stylish aviator sunglasses are more than just functional aids though, and they have become one of the most iconic, and oft-imitated, designs in the sunglasses world. While you might not be engaging in aerial battles with the Russians any time soon, or taking part in impromptu volleyball games, these products ensure that you’ll always look like a hollywood star during your daily life, whatever that may entail. The particular model that comes to mind is the Ray-Ban Aviator, but there are plenty of other options to choose from here on the site.

Want to know whether these glasses will work well on you? If you pop into one of our many stores throughout Sydney and Melbourne, then our expert staff will always be happy to lend a hand. As a general rule, though, pilot sunglasses work well on people with sharper features, and square or oval face shapes. The rounder shape of the frames balance out these types of facial features nicely, ensuring that your overall look is a flattering one.

Want to combine these stylish frames with your very own prescription? That’s not a problem either, since we can insert a range of lenses, made to a high standard to your individual specifications. Look your best whilst seeing perfectly clearly - what’s not to love? Browse the range or aviator sunglasses for men and women today and see what option is best for you.