Horn-Rimmed Sunglasses

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  1. Ray-Ban | 0RB3016
    Special Price $189.00 Regular Price $270.00
  2. Ray-Ban | 0RB3016
    Special Price $140.00 Regular Price $200.00
  3. Ray-Ban | 0RB3016
    Special Price $140.00 Regular Price $200.00
  4. Ray-Ban | 0RB4246
    Special Price $147.00 Regular Price $210.00
  5. Hugo Boss | 1028/F/S
    Special Price $322.00 Regular Price $460.00
  6. Rag And Bone | RNB5007/S
    Special Price $190.50 Regular Price $381.00
  7. Smith | HAYWIRE
    Special Price $109.98 Regular Price $219.95
  8. Smith | HAYWIRE
    Special Price $188.97 Regular Price $269.95

8 Results

Horn Rimmed Sunglasses

Keeping the sun out doesn’t have to be the only job of your sunglasses - they can also be an effective fashion statement in their own right, and a vital finishing touch to any outfit. Here at 1001 Optical, we’re confident that we’ve got an optical solution that will keep you looking cool when the weather heats up. Our horn-rimmed sunglasses are a particularly stylish option.

When it comes to sunglasses, there are a few iconic and timeless styles, and horn-rimmed sunglasses are one such design that’s never a bad choice. Making use of a retro/vintage design, these frames have nevertheless maintained popularity and can be seen all over, whether in popular culture, or just when you walk down the street. Originally made of actual animal horn, this style has since largely been replaced with plastic, but the name, and the quality, remains. Whether you want a half-frame design (such as the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster) or you’d prefer a frame completely made of plastic (such as the ever popular Wayfarer), we’ve got plenty of quality styles to choose from here on the site, and in our many stores situated in both Sydney and Melbourne.

There are many reasons why choosing 1001 Optical for all of your optical needs is the smart choice. For one, we offer a lifetime optimal care policy every time you make a purchase with us - after all, we’re dedicated to keeping our customers feeling valued. On top of this, we frequently offer further discounts on a range of products; allowing you to save even more money. You can also buy now and pay later in installments with the help of zipPay. Take a look at our special offers page to take advantage of these great deals and kit yourself out with top quality horn-rimmed sunglasses at prices that won’t hurt your wallet.