Kids' Sunglasses

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Kids' Sunglasses

You’ve no doubt seen our men’s and women’s sunglasses already here at 1001 Optical, but that’s not all we offer - we have sunnies for the whole family! When it comes to your children, we’re sure you always want what’s best for them. Our excellent range of kid’s sunglasses not only look the part, they’ll help protect your child’s sensitive eyes from the rays of the sun, allowing you to rest easy when you’re out and about. Frequent exposure to these UV rays can lead to permanent damage, so it’s vitally important that you prevent any harm at the youngest age possible.

Here at 1001 Optical, we’ve got a vast selection of both boy’s and girl’s sunglasses to choose from, with an array of sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns, so whatever your child desires, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a suitable pair that they’ll be happy to put on every time they head outside. We’ve even got reliable and protective baby sunglasses, to keep your little one comfortable and protected in their early years, when the sun’s shining down. We can even insert your child’s own prescription lenses into your chosen frames - after all, if they can’t see where they’re going then sunglasses aren’t much useful!

Like the sound of our awesome selection of kid’s sunglasses and baby sunglasses? Don’t take the risk when your children are out in the sun - ensure they’re properly protected with these reliable products. We’ve got products to suit children of all ages, and with our extensive range of great products they’re sure to find something that they won’t want to take off. Browse our available products - you won’t be disappointed with what we’ve got to offer both here on the site and in-store.