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Police Sunglasses 

Police sunglasses are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast thanks to their durable design. Police brand sunglasses feature dedication to style and quality, as well as unique designs, so you're guaranteed to get an excellent product that looks fantastic and protects your vision at the same time. 

Police sunglasses work to create a flawless blend of lifestyle and sport. This is what makes them so popular with clients all around Australia. They come with a minimalist look that appeals to both men and women alike. You'll enjoy that rugged durability that Police are so famous for, and this is guaranteed with every pair. 

Whether you want a traditional frame or a thinner option, the Police sunglasses Australian range delivers flawlessly in both areas. At 1001 Optical, we're happy to offer both prescription and non-prescription Police sunglasses. We also excel at helping our customers pick the best Police brand sunglasses to meet their lifestyle. 

Do you need Police sunglasses to match your prescription for all-day wear? If so, we can quickly customise your sunglasses to your specific needs. You'll be able to feel confident and stylish with a pair of sleek Police sunglasses while supporting your vision. You can use them for reading, driving or general use. Whatever the reason, we'll match them with your prescription quickly and easily. 

Our staff excel in helping people choose the best pair of Police sunglasses for Australia's often extreme climate. We will also help you match the sunglasses to your face shape to ensure you can wear them all day and stay comfortable. 

You can drop by our brick and mortar store to get a closer look at our stock. Alternatively, you can browse online and contact us with questions. Either way, we encourage you to reach out and get in touch today!