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Fossil Sunglasses 

From American designers, 1001 Optical presents Fossil sunglasses. These classic sunglasses can instantly change your look from the everyday routine to something extraordinary. Fossil sunglasses are a stylish choice that is guaranteed to draw attention with the broad range of frame shape, lens colour and solid or patterned designs. 

Fossil sunglasses in Australia come designed for comfort and all-day wear along with being resistant to chips or scratches and very durable. They can last you for years, and they pair beautifully with a huge range of styles. This is especially important when you think about all your Fossil sunglasses go through in their lifetime. They're a lasting investment that you can rely on to deliver the results you need when you need it. 

Our Fossil sunglasses come in standard and prescription strength, and our exceptional stock is constantly growing. This ensures that you'll be able to find the best pair to suit your unique face shape. 

When you shop for Fossil sunglasses in Australia at 1001 Optical, you can quickly and easily compare them side by side to see which one you like best. Maybe you want a more contemporary and modern look with cat-eye or round lenses, or you want a traditional look with a square lens. Either way, we have these two styles in stock plus more that are ready to go.

We also make it easy to browse our stock. You can browse online at your convenience, or you can stop by our brick and mortar locations. We're happy to go through our stock of Fossil sunglasses with you, and we can answer all of your questions at the same time. Reach out and contact us today for more information!