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    CARRERA 4010/S
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    CARRERA 4010/S
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    CARRERA 4010/S
    Special Price $247.00 Regular Price $260.00
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83 Results


Carrera Sunglasses 

Carrera sunglasses instantly evoke a sense of style combined with a reliable level of performance. Since 1956, Carrera has produced some of the best sunglasses available, and Carrera shades are perfect for shielding your eyes from the sometimes harsh Australian sun.

The brand has a reputation for manufacturing and producing some of the best glasses on the market, as well as high performance goggles for winter sports. But, they've transitioned over into sunglasses for everyday wear as well. We currently offer several different sizes, styles and colours that make it easy to find Carrera shades for the unique Australian climate.

Some of our Carrera sunglasses look and feel more like traditional goggles. They're a rugged and durable choice if you like to get out and about and explore Australia's beautiful countryside. They're also sleek enough for everyday wear.

You can choose from rounded, square, oval, aviator, wrap around and more styles when you shop with us. They're perfect for capturing the rugged charm of sports style. Whether you want a classic and chic black and black frame and lens combination, or brighter colours, we have the right pieces for you in stock and ready to ship throughout Australia.

Several of our Carrera shades feature a unisex design, and they would make an excellent addition to any wardrobe. They also make fantastic gifts that the recipient can mix and match to suit their personal style. Whether you want to stand out or find the perfect accessory to tie your entire outfit together, Carrera shades fit the bill.

We can help you find the perfect size and style to suit your face shape and your personal aesthetic. You'll also be able to choose from several potential add-ons, including polarising lenses and a scratch-resistant coating. Contact us today for more information on our Carrera sunglasses!