Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

We consider your privacy highly imperative and try our best to safeguard you from risks while you shop from or visit our website.

Your personal and payment details are basically recorded in order to help us track and develop a better online shopping experience for you and achieve the best possible solution for your eye care and eyewear needs.

Following is list of your personal details that we collect from you in order to carry out the transactions and other business activities:

  • Full name

  • Contact details such as Postal Address, Phone (mobile/landline) and Email Address

  • Gender

  • Prescription

  • Optometrist details

  • Health insurance

  • Favourite items on our website

  • Payment details (if you wish to save the details for your next purchase)

  • Billing Information

  • Any other personal information, image or other related file unveiled via online forms on our website or email to us

  • IP address to track your search and visit on our website

We reserve the right but not the obligation to cross check information provided by you. You agree to provide us with the right information in order to conduct proper transactions and online processes without any issues.

All types of information that you provide to us are to communicate and conduct business with you in the right manner. Your information will not be disclosed to a third party that is not related to the business or its activities. Any such disclosure will be made with your consent or when it is needed by law.

Contact details provided by you are subject to our communication with you in terms of information collection, surveys, newsletters and promotions. Emails with promotional offers and other material will be sent to you on a periodic basis. Along with emails, you may receive SMS’s with regard to similar contents.

You have the right to unsubscribe accordingly based on the options given in the respective email/SMS.

In addition, our Social Media channels also serve as a promotional tool that may post advertisements episodically on your respective social media feed. This occurs when you ‘like’ or ‘follow’ our pages on different channels.

The majority of the personal information is accessible and can be edited at any point of time, provided you log in to 1001 Optical.com correctly. Should you face any issues in editing or modifying your information, you can contact us immediately via phone (+61) 2 - 9439 9912 or email - contactus@1001optical.com.au. Although, any such modifications or changes will be done upon the submission of your valid personal identification.

Our dedication to maintain the discretion of your personal information results in all reasonable precautions being taken to protect from unauthorized types of access.

The aforementioned privacy policies are subject to change accordingly in line with the National Privacy Principles of Australia and the Privacy Act of 1988 (ComLaw) formed by the Australian Government.

Any major changes or overall update made in our Privacy Policy will be communicated via email to all subscribed email addresses.  

Should you disagree with the policies of www.1001optical.com.au you should not proceed to surf our website.