Transition Lenses & Photochromic Lenses

Here at 1001 Optical, we offer an extensive range of both glasses and sunglasses, at some of the best prices around. However, what if you don’t want to buy two separate products for different conditions and applications? With our innovative photochromic lenses (or transition lenses), you’re essentially getting two great optical products rolled into one! Find out why this might just be the eyewear choice for you.

These transition lenses look like regular ones while you’re indoors, but once they’re exposed to sunlight they darken automatically. This is great from both a convenience and a health perspective - it means you don’t have to keep alternating between glasses, and it also protects your eyes from the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun; helping to prevent optical issues further down the line such as cataracts. For this reason, you might also consider getting these lenses for your children too.

If you’d like any extra info on these state-of-the-art photochromic lenses, then feel free to speak to one of our expert staff, either via our contact info on the site, or in your local Store in NSW and VIC. We’ll assess your situation, and let you know whether this is a good option for your needs. If you plan on picking up a pair of transition glasses from 1001 Optical there are also a host of benefits, such as a lifetime optical care policy, and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We also have a host of special offers, so be sure to see whether you could get an even better deal. While these transition lenses are naturally a little more expensive that standard ones, we’re sure you won’t look back once you’ve tried them for yourself.