Square Glasses

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  1. Ray-Ban | 0RX5228F
    Special Price $159.20 Regular Price $199.00
    Asian Fit
  2. Ray-Ban | 0RX8416
    Special Price $199.20 Regular Price $249.00
    Asian Fit
  3. Carrera | CARRERA 8823/V
    Special Price $312.00 Regular Price $390.00
  4. Carrera | CA6623
    Special Price $232.00 Regular Price $290.00
  5. Carrera | CA8811
    Special Price $232.00 Regular Price $290.00
  6. Fendi | FF0232
    Special Price $400.00 Regular Price $500.00
    Best Seller
  7. Hugo Boss | 786
    Special Price $417.60 Regular Price $522.00
  8. Jimmy Choo | JC180
    Special Price $335.00 Regular Price $670.00
  9. Kate Spade | JORJA
    Special Price $240.00 Regular Price $300.00
    Best Seller
  10. Marc Jacobs | 127
    Special Price $216.00 Regular Price $270.00
    Best Seller
  11. Gucci | GG0301O
    Special Price $420.00 Regular Price $525.00
  12. Gucci | GG0176OA
    Special Price $372.00 Regular Price $465.00
    Asian Fit
  13. Carrera | 5546V
    Special Price $159.20 Regular Price $199.00
  14. Carrera | 6664
    Special Price $99.50 Regular Price $199.00
  15. Carrera | 5547V
    Special Price $99.50 Regular Price $199.00

336 Results



If you’re looking for specs that offer classic cool, try a pair of square glasses. At 1001 Optical, you’ll find both women’s and men’s square glasses in lots of different colours and with frames of different sizes. Take a look at our range below and you can find your perfect pair of glasses, which you can either try on in-store or buy via our website and have delivered to your door, making the process of buying glasses so much easier.

Square Frame Glasses suit all sorts of faces

Some people like the look of square frame glasses but wonder if they’ll suit their face. In general, square frames tend to look best on round, heart and oval faces, as they create a focal point among soft features.

If you have a square or long face, you can still wear square rimmed glasses, however. You just need to find the right pair to balance out your face. If you have a long face with narrow features, choose a pair of square glasses that are slightly wider to make your features more proportionate. If your face is square, avoid any styles that are too harsh, perhaps looking for lenses with rounded edges and softer lines.

One type of square glasses that suits all sorts of face shapes is the semi-rimless style. Heavy on the brow and with a clear rim at the bottom, these glasses suit round faces, as they draw the eye upward, and can also balance more angular faces, making them a great all-rounder. These are also lighter on the face, so ideal if you wear them all day.

Men’s and Women’s Square Glasses in a range of colours

One of the great things about square glasses is that they come in an array of colours. Both men’s and women’s square glasses often come in different metallic hues, tortoiseshell and other patterns, as well as bright and bold colours, ideal for matching with your favourite outfit or making a style statement. Square glasses can be either understated or bold, depending on the pair you choose and how you wear them, so they are a very versatile shape.

Choose Oversized Square Glasses for hipster chic

In recent years, there has been a big trend for oversized square glasses, and they can be a fun way to add a quirky touch to your look. At 1001 Optical, you can find all sorts of oversized glasses with wire or acetate frames, so you can get a unique, vintage style. You can even opt to turn your glasses into prescription sunglasses, so can look cool even during the days of summer.

At 1001 Optical, you can browse our range of square glasses online and then either buy via our website or in one of our stores in VIC or NSW. Whatever way you choose to buy your glasses, you can be assured of high-quality spectacles from trusted brands at a great price, either delivered to your door or waiting to be picked up in a branch.