Rectangle Glasses

288 Results

  1. Prada | 0PR 16MV
    Special Price $216.00 Regular Price $270.00
  2. Prada | 0PR 16MV
    Special Price $216.00 Regular Price $270.00
  3. Prada | 0PR 16MV
    Special Price $216.00 Regular Price $270.00
  4. Emporio Armani | 0EA3069
    Special Price $159.20 Regular Price $199.00
  5. Coach | 0HC6082F
    Special Price $167.20 Regular Price $209.00
    Asian Fit
  6. Oakley | 0OX3218
    Special Price $152.00 Regular Price $190.00
  7. Oakley | 0OX5040
    Special Price $240.00 Regular Price $300.00
  8. Prada | 0PR 06SVF
    Special Price $248.00 Regular Price $310.00
  9. Ray-Ban | 0RX5268
    Special Price $127.20 Regular Price $159.00
  10. Hugo Boss | 841
    Special Price $424.00 Regular Price $530.00
    Best Seller
  11. Emporio Armani | 0EA3116F
    Special Price $199.20 Regular Price $249.00
    Asian Fit
  12. Elfin | 1005A
    Best Seller
  13. Elfin | 1012
  14. Carrera | 4411/G
    Special Price $145.00 Regular Price $290.00
  15. Carrerino | 67
    Special Price $70.00 Regular Price $140.00

288 Results



Looking for glasses that are simple and stylish? Rectangle glasses are one of the most popular styles and suit all sorts of face shapes. At 1001 Optical, we have a range of rectangle frames for you to browse on our website, and you can either order your new pair of glasses on our website or visit one of our branches. Our range includes glasses for men and women, so everyone can find their perfect pair.

Rectangle Glasses pair with lots of different looks

When you need a pair of glasses that you can wear with pretty much any outfit, rectangle glasses are a great choice. With simple, clean lines, they look good at work or when you’re dressed casually. Choose a dark colour or a neutral tone, and they’ll go with anything because they are simple and unfussy.

Within our range of rectangle frames, you’ll find lots of different style options. Firstly, different materials can change the look of these glasses. Metal rectangle glasses tend to look lighter, while acetate frames have more of a statement look. If you pick metal frames, you can also choose semi-rimless glasses, which are good for accentuating the brow area.

Different face shapes tend to suit different sizes of glasses. Big rectangle glasses can look good on rounder faces, adding definition to your face, while if your face is more square or angular, you might want to opt for small rectangle glasses so that your face isn’t overwhelmed by them.

Don’t forget, you can also choose a range of different lenses for your glasses, from lenses that help with computer work, to ones that are suited for driving.

If you aren’t sure whether rectangle glasses are right for you, consider visiting one of our stores and try some different styles until you find a pair that suits your face.

Find Ladies Rectangle Glasses from top brands

If you’re looking for ladies’ rectangle glasses, it’s easy to find them by filtering the selection below. Our range of rectangle glasses for women includes top brands like Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Coach and more, so you can be sure of the quality. If you’re looking for stylish glasses, it’s easy to find them with 1001 Optical.

Shop Men’s Rectangle Glasses online or in-store

1001 Optical offers a range of men’s rectangle glasses that you can browse in-store and online. Whether you’re looking for semi-rimless or full framed styles, metallic frames or darker colours, we’ll no doubt have something to suit you. If you visit a branch, our staff will be happy to suggest glasses to suit you and you can try on a range of different frames.

Whether you visit your local store or order online, at 1001 Optical, it’s easy to find rectangle glasses to suit you. It’s easy to order via our website, you simply need to upload your prescription and we can make your glasses for you. However, if you need an eye test or want to try on glasses, consider making an appointment at one of our branches.