Horn-Rimmed Glasses

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Horn Rimmed Glasses & Frames

A style of spectacle that has been around for a long time, yet remains an ever popular option, horn-rimmed glasses embody retro chic, and will be sure to be a talking point every time you put them on. Originally made out of either horn (hence the name) or tortoise shell, these glasses have, since then, mostly been constructed out of plastics resembling these materials. Here at 1001 Optical we’ve got a great selection to choose from; allowing you to improve your vision whilst making a style statement.

This style of eyeglasses has experienced various periods of popularity, but it keeps coming back to prominence, and is a great choice for many people. From the iconic Ray-Ban Clubmaster, as worn by Malcolm X, to ‘HRG’ from Heroes, whose glasses were so prominent they gave him his name, this particular design will flatter a range of facial shapes and personal styles. Shows such as Mad Men have also helped bring this design back into the mainstream. With top designer pairs of horn-rimmed glasses available from $199, from big names such as Ray-Ban, looking great doesn’t have to cost you the earth either!

Take a look now, and see what takes your fancy. If you need a little advice or assistance then our expert customer service team will be only too happy to help - contact us if you need a hand, or Visit your local store in NSW and VIC if you’d like to see these horn-rimmed glasses in person. With some of the best prices in the industry, together with a host of benefits to give you complete peace of mind with your purchase, 1001 Optical is the smart choice if you’re shopping for spectacles in the Sydney or Melbourne areas. Check out the range now!