Cat Eye Glasses

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  1. Prada | 0PR 04PVA
    Special Price $240.00 Regular Price $300.00
  2. Fendi | FF0252
    Special Price $210.00 Regular Price $420.00
  3. Jimmy Choo | JC203
    Special Price $494.40 Regular Price $618.00
  4. Jimmy Choo | JC207
    Special Price $364.80 Regular Price $456.00
  5. Dior | MONTAIGNE57
    Special Price $346.40 Regular Price $433.00
  6. Fossil | FOS7024
    Special Price $143.20 Regular Price $179.00
  7. Jimmy Choo | JC199
    Special Price $471.20 Regular Price $589.00
  8. Jimmy Choo | JC202
    Special Price $471.20 Regular Price $589.00
  9. Jimmy Choo | JC202
    Special Price $471.20 Regular Price $589.00
  10. Jimmy Choo | JC209/F
    Special Price $471.20 Regular Price $589.00
  11. Jimmy Choo | JC233/F
    Special Price $403.20 Regular Price $504.00
  12. Kate Spade | CHERETTE
    Special Price $232.00 Regular Price $290.00
  13. Kate Spade | JAILYN
    Special Price $232.00 Regular Price $290.00
  14. Kate Spade | JAILYN
    Special Price $232.00 Regular Price $290.00
  15. Kate Spade | JALINDA
    Special Price $240.00 Regular Price $300.00

113 Results


Cat Eye Prescription Glasses

If you’re looking for glasses that are on-trend, yet have a retro appeal, take a look at our range of cat eye glasses. At 1001 Optical, we stock a variety of cat eye frames in different colours and various styles, so you can be sure to find a pair that suits your look. Cat eye glasses make a bold statement but are also classic and stylish, so they suit lots of different people. Take a look at some of our range online and order via our website or buy in-store.

Cat Eye Shaped Glasses suit many face shapes

Cat eye glasses can be round or oval, with distinctive upsweeps in the corners of the eye. They also come in a variety of sizes, from small to oversized. You can even get semi-rimless cat eye shaped glasses where just the top part of the frame is visible for a unique look.  

With so many style options, most people can find a pair of cat eye glasses frames that suit their face. People with round faces often find that a cat eye works well, as it gives their face a sharper focal point. You might also want to consider cat eye glasses for a square face, especially more narrow frames which can help elongate and balance your features. If you’ve tried on cat eye glasses before and not been happy with the way they look, try some of a slightly different shape. Our in-store assistants will be happy to help you pick a pair if you aren’t sure.

Choose Cat Eye Spectacle Frames in a colour to suit you

When you choose cat eye spectacle frames, you aren’t just limited to black styles. Many frames come in a number of different colourways, so if thicker frames don’t suit you, you can shop for cat eye frames online in tortoiseshell, metallic hues, or even bold colours that work with your skin tone.

Some cat eye glasses also come with embellishments in the corner of the frame, which can create a unique style statement, and also stops darker frames from looking too heavy.

How to wear Cat Eye Glasses

If you’re wondering how to wear cat eye glasses, there’s no right or wrong way to style these distinctive frames. As they make a bold statement on their own, they look great simply paired with a little black dress or jumper and jeans, or you could rock a full vintage look and wear them with a 60s style ensemble.

At 1001 Optical, we can also turn any pair of cat eye glasses into sunglasses. Cat eye lenses look very chic during the summer months, especially when paired with red lipstick for effortless glamour.

It’s easy to find your ideal pair of cat eye shapes glasses at 1001 Optical. You can either choose a pair on our website and upload your prescription, so we can deliver to your address in Australia, or find your local branch and try some on. We have branches in NSW and VIC where you can get an eye test or just pick out some new glasses