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29 Results


Cat Eye Glasses & Frames

If you’re ‘feline’ like a quality, retro style of glasses frames then look no further. Cat eye glasses have remained a popular option, and are just as well loved today as they were back in the days of Marilyn Monroe, Brigette Bardot, and other Hollywood legends. While we don’t know if you’ll be strutting your stuff on the silver screen any time soon, we’re sure you’ll look and feel amazing with these statement-making cat eye frames.

1001 Optical is the smart choice if you’re thinking about picking up some stylish cat eye frames for a great price, and our range is sure to give you ‘paws’ for thought. We’ve assembled a vast selection of great looking, high quality products, from leading brands of the industry; meaning you’ll be upgrading any outfit and turning heads wherever you go! We’re also constantly adding new styles to our collection, so make sure to keep checking both online and in store to see if you can find the perfect pair of glasses to complement your personal style.

Cat eye glasses are ideal for those with round or heart-shaped face shapes (as well as oval, which suits the vast majority of styles), and can help accentuate your features and bring your look together nicely. If you’re after any advice or assistance our expert customer service advisors will be happy to help - feel free to get in touch.  

We’re dedicated to maintaining a valued lifelong relationship with our customers here at 1001 Optical - after all, we want you to recommend us to friends and family too! That’s why we offer amazing lifetime optimal care. We’re also passionate about bringing you these great products at a price that won’t break the bank or you can also buy now and pay later in installments with the help of zipPay.