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Kids' & Children's Glasses Frames

When it comes to your children you always want what’s best for them, and this is especially true with regards to their eyewear. Finding the right kid’s glasses frames for your child is exceptionally important, since you need something that will help their vision, remain comfortable, look good enough that they’ll be happy to wear it, and also be able to take some punishment! With our enviable selection of excellent children’s glasses frames here at 1001 Optical, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect optical solution for your child.

Our range of kid’s frames is sure to suit even the most fussy child, and we’ve got both fun and colourful options for younger children, as well as more stylish and grown-up models for older kids who might be starting to get more fashion conscious. Our fun children’s glasses frames include the latest fun styles from Sceats Kidz, among many others. Whatever shape and style your child prefers, we’ll have something to suit. Our frames are also tough and durable, since we know little ones might not take the greatest care of their glasses!

When you choose 1001 Optical, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that everything is perfect with your kid’s glasses frames. As your child is developing, it’s more important than ever to get an eye test to remedy any problems before they get more serious, or detect medical conditions. Much of what they learn is visual, especially in their early years, so it’s never too early to get started. Why not book an eye test now with our friendly and qualified optometrists? We’ll then be able to put some personalised prescription lenses into your chosen, stylish kid’s frames, for a comprehensive optical solution. Sounds good? Browse the range today, either here on the site or in one of our many stores around the country.