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Prada Glasses 

From cool and bold to sleek and sophisticated, you'll get it all when you purchase a pair of Prada glasses. Prada is a fashion powerhouse well known for their statement pieces, and they've made a splash in the glasses world as well with their exclusive lineup of Prada reading glasses. You get an iconic brand that is sure to delight, and each of the Prada glasses frames come designed with your comfort firmly in mind. 

You can easily wear Prada glasses all day long because the Prada frames feature gently rounded edges that sit comfortably on your face. If you don't need them for all-day wear, we have a selection for that as well at 1001 Optical. 

We have a lineup of premium Prada reading glasses that are comfortable stylish. They come in several sizes and styles as well, and this makes it fast and easy for you to pick out the best pair of reading glasses to protect your eyesight. 

Our Prada glasses frames come in many different sizes and shapes. You can get a statement setting frame by choosing the whimsical round shapes, or you can go back to a more classic look and feel by taking a look at our rectangular or square lens shapes. 

Maybe you're not exactly sure what you want from your new Prada glasses or Prada reading glasses, and this is perfectly okay as well! Our staff are on-hand and they're ready to guide you through the process of comparing the various Prada glasses frames and finding the perfect fit for your tastes. 

If you're interested in owning your own pair of Prada glasses, get in touch! We're ready to answer any questions, customise your Prada glasses frames to suit your needs and help you choose the best glasses today.