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  1. 3082
    1001 Classic 3082
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    1001 Premium EK338CH
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    1001 Classic 3085
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    1001 Classic 3086
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4 Results

Piovino Glasses 

Durable and timeless, Piovino glasses are a go-to for so many discerning consumers throughout Australia. They have a luxurious look and feel that make them the perfect complement to numerous styles. You'll get both classic and eye-catching colours and colour combinations to choose from when you shop Piovino frames. 

This elegant and sophisticated brand has unisex designs that are a great gift idea. They come in matte blacks, soft browns, chic greys, subtle khakis and deep wine hues. These colour combinations make them easy to mix and match to just about any outfit or style choices. 

We also have three different lens styles. You can choose from a rounded edge, rectangle or square. All of them come designed to sit comfortably on your face for all-day comfort and wear. Additionally, the frame material is durable and safe for different skin types. 

With over 50 different options available, we have something for everyone at 1001 Optical. We are also happy to customise them to suit your needs. Maybe you want a coating that reduces glare because you're out on the road a lot, or, perhaps you want your lenses to really stand up to wear and tear. If so, we offer Piovino glasses with a scratch-resistant coating. This coating gives you the peace of mind you need to wear your favourite frames in a variety of environments without damage. 

Not sure which Piovino frames would look and feel best? We can help! Our staff are ready to walk you through all of our products and explain why certain ones may work better for you. You can stop by our physical store and try on our range of Piovino glasses, or you can also browse online, fall in love, and have your new Piovino frames shipped straight to you.