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Carrerino Glasses/Frames

Carrerino glasses are bold, stylish and modern. These three things make them the best eye-catching accessory to add to your collection to wear all year long. At 1001 Optical, we have several styles and colours available that will help to protect your eyes and maintain your vision while helping pull your wardrobe together.

We also have kids' glasses available for your children. Since they're bright and fun colours and patterns, both girls and boys will love them. Additionally, we have more colour choices for our Carrerino frames than solid, and you can find Carrerino frames with patterns as well. Both you and your little one won't be able to wait to show them off. 

Our goal is to give our customers the broadest range of extras and options available with our Carrerino glasses in Australia. This includes a scratch-resistant coating that is important when you wear your glasses outside. Even setting them down inside can scratch them, and this can be bad for your eyes. We'll help prevent this from happening by adding this coating before we ship them out to you. When you combine this coating with the durable Carrerino frames, it's easy to see why children and adults love wearing them!

This has allowed us to build up an impressive customer base. Our customers know that they're getting one of the broadest selections of Carrerino glasses in Australia, and they know they're getting the highest quality possible. Our selection of extras allow us to tailor our Carrerino glasses to suit any needs or wants our customers may have.

If you want to find out more about our selection or if you have questions, reach out and contact us today!