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  1. Oakley | 0OX3222
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7 Results

Oakley Glasses & Frames

While they might be better known for their sunglasses, Oakley have carried over their superior style and functionality into their range of spectacles. If you’re looking for quality Oakley glasses at a great price, then 1001 Optical is the perfect place to get them. Oakley glasses blend sport and lifestyle seamlessly, and they use revolutionary methods to construct comfortable, high performance eyewear that you can rely on.

Oakley prescription glasses utilise the latest technology, combined with their signature style, reliability and ergonomic design; making them an attractive choice for those looking for a comprehensive optical solution that ticks every box. Oakley frames offer an unrivalled level of personalisation; allowing you to have the fit tailored to your face; giving you superior comfort when wearing these glasses for long periods. Whatever shape or colour you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your personal tastes either on the website or in-store. Don’t know your prescription? Why not book an eye test with us today, and let us find out exactly what you need?

If you’re in need of some great Oakley glasses, you can’t go wrong with 1001 Optical. We’ve been providing superior eye care services to our Australian customers for over 25 years, and our expert optometrists are qualified both to examine your eyes, and detect and diagnose potential eye health issues. We like to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are both happy and healthy. Whether you want to browse the range online, or visit your local store in NSW and VIC, it couldn’t be easier to upgrade your eyewear!