Celine Glasses

Celine Glasses

Celine Glasses & Frames

Luxury French brand Celine brings some European style and sophistication to the eyewear industry, and here at 1001 Optical we’re proud to present an amazing selection of Celine glasses to choose from. You’ll see many famous faces all over the world wearing these stylish spectacles, but you don’t need to be a celebrity to get a pair for yourself!

Whatever your favourite style, shape, or colour, we’re sure you’ll find something to your liking from amongst our collection of Celine eyewear, either here on the site or in one of our several stores. Showcasing vintage designs with a contemporary twist, these Celine eyeglasses come in a range of vibrant colours with simple, minimalist designs that will help upgrade any outfit. Whether you prefer sharper lines or a more rounded finish, you’ll love the Celine collection at 1001 Optical.

It’s not all about looks when it comes to your Celine eyewear - no two people’s eyes are the same, and we’ll be able to fit your chosen frames with your personal prescription. The lenses themselves can also be customised, so if you want additional extras such as scratch or glare resistance we’ll be able to arrange this for you.

Why choose us for your Celine glasses? Well, you’re not only getting great prices and attentive customer service when you shop with 1001 Optical, you’re also getting a range of additional benefits to give you extra peace of mind. From our generous warranties to free lifetime servicing, we’re the ideal destination to pick up some designer Celine eyewear in Australia.