Driving Glasses

30/12/16 2:04 pm

1001 Optical Team

Many people spend a great deal of time in the car, but not many of us take the necessary precautions for protecting our eyes whilst doing so. Especially as you get older, you may find that it gets harder to drive safely; whether that’s during the day or at night. Obviously, this is a serious problem and requires a fast solution. Luckily, it may not actually be very difficult to find a cost-effective and convenient answer to these problems, in the form of driving glasses. What better place to get your very own pair, for a great price, than right here at 1001 Optical? Read on to see just how much these innovative products could help you.


Staying Safe

Driving is one pastime that requires complete concentration and focus, and if you don’t have the requisite eyewear to see clearly in all conditions, then you’re risking your own, and other people’s safety. You also have to consider the effect UV rays can have on the health of your eyes, since they can lead to irreversible vision problems.


The Right Coating

Probably the most important part of specialised driving glasses is that they have the optimum coating on the lenses. Whether it’s sunlight, headlights, or reflections, there are lots of potential pitfalls that can put you off; and put you in danger when you’re in your car. Anti-reflective coatings are the sensible choice for maintaining great vision in a range of conditions, and polarising filters can also help enhance contrast whilst reducing glare.


Night Time Driving

It’s not just the UV rays of the sun that can be a problem - you may also struggle with the glare from artificial light when the sun  goes down. If that’s the case, then night driving glasses might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Thankfully, thanks to our night driving glasses you’re a lot safer every time you hit the road at night.


Safety Meets Style

Improving your safety on the road doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style. With a wide range of stylish glasses available both on the site and in our many stores located around Sydney and Melbourne, you can get your personalised driving glasses lenses inserted into the frames of your choice. If you’d like a premium option from your favourite designer, there are plenty of options available that won’t break the bank or you can also buy now and pay later in installments with the help of zipPay.


Let Us Help

The only way to know which lenses would be best for you is to book an eye test at your local 1001 Optical store in NSW or VIC. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help assess your situation, and find a fitting solution, so don’t risk your safety - pick up a pair now!

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