14 Results

  1. Acuvue | Oasys 1 Day 30Pk
    Special Price $54.50 Regular Price $57.50
  2. Acuvue | Oasys 1 Day 90Pk
    Special Price $136.00 Regular Price $144.00
  3. Acuvue | Moist 30Pk
    Special Price $34.00 Regular Price $37.00
  4. Acuvue | Moist 90Pk
    Special Price $85.00 Regular Price $98.00
  5. Acuvue | Oasys 6Pk
  6. Acuvue | Oasys for Astigmatism
  7. Acuvue | Moist for Astigmatism 30Pk
    Special Price $49.00 Regular Price $52.00
  8. Acuvue | Moist for Astigmatism 90Pk
    Special Price $121.00 Regular Price $125.00
  9. Acuvue | Vita Monthly
  10. Acuvue | TruEye 30Pk
    Special Price $45.50 Regular Price $48.50
  11. Acuvue | TruEye 90Pk
    Special Price $108.00 Regular Price $112.00
  12. Acuvue | Define - Natural Shine
  13. Acuvue | Define - Accent
  14. Acuvue | Define - Vivid

14 Results

Acuvue Contact Lenses 

Acuvue contact lenses are some of the most cutting-edge contact available on the current market, and they're renowned for their comfort level and clarity. We're proud to stock this exclusive brand, and we have a host of Acuvue contacts available to choose from and compare. 

Our lineup of Acuvue Moist contact lenses allow your eyes to breathe and stay lubricated all day. In turn, you'll be able to avoid those dry and red eyes that are so common with people who routinely wear contact lenses. They're excellent for beginners and experts alike, and they'll stay comfortable throughout the day. 

Along with our traditional contact lenses, we also offer contact lenses that give your eyes UV protection. Acuvue contact lenses come designed to be flexible, soft and comfortable, and now they can add an additional layer of protection to your eyes while you're out and about each day. 

If you need a certain prescription lens, we can get you the Acuvue contacts that fit your specifications. We combine years of experience with the latest cutting-edge technology to help our professional staff quickly and easily create multifocal lenses, toric lenses and much more. 

Maybe you need help putting them in for the first time, and we can assist here too! Our staff can give you expert advice on how to properly put in, take out and care for your Acuvue contact lenses. This way, you'll be able to wear them with confidence because you know you have them in correctly. 

Would you like more information about our line of Acuvue contacts? Maybe you want to try the Acuvue Moist line. Either way, contact us to get started today!