★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

Tortoise Glasses Frames

Tortoise Glasses Frames as an Evergreen Style

Tortoise glasses frames are in high demand as they have that certain something to them. They are very flexible when it comes to style and situations where they are an appropriate choice. They can fit into a modern outfit without any issue but can also be a part of a vintage, retro style if you are more into that kind of thing. 

Tortoise Frames and Materials

Tortoise frames, also known as tortoiseshell frames and horn-rim frames, contrary to the name, are not made from the turtle shells or animal horns. Here is a list of materials that are used in making these frames: Metal , Plastic, Acetate

They are an imitation of the natural materials, and no animals were harmed during the creation of our frames. They are named as such due to the resemblance to the natural materials. 

The Variety of Tortoise Frames

Being that this style of frames is so popular and versatile, it is no wonder that they are offered in many shapes and that almost all major brands have their take on them. 

Here are some of the parameters based on which you can pick out this style of frames:

  • Size - You can go for large frame tortoiseshell glasses if they suit you better or go for smaller and more discrete options.

  • Colour - Amber and brown are the most common versions of these frames. Still, green tortoise glasses frames are no unheard of, and there is much more depth when it comes to colour in 1001 Optical’s offer/

  • Shapes - Even though there are quite a few modern options when it comes to these types of frames, vintage styles seem to dominate the market. Cat-eye and club-master shapes are the most common options as they are embedded in popular culture as the leading representatives of the style. Round tortoiseshell framed glasses seem to be the norm, but there is quite a bit of variation to these frames, so you’re bound to find something you like. 

  • Models for men and women - Men’s tortoiseshell framed glasses have a more simplistic approach to them while women’s tortoise framed glasses tend to have more details as well as expressive shapes to them. 

1001 Optical - Affordable and Flexible Tortoiseshell Frames

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