★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

★★★★★ 850 & more 5-Star Google Reviews

cAir Contact Lenses

C-Air Contact Lenses Australia


cAir contact lenses from CooperVision provide long-lasting comfort through the power of silicone hydrogel. cAir standard and cAir toric contact lenses are only available from optometrists in Australia and New Zealand. The quality construction and 2-week replacement schedule make these contacts one of the most popular products at 1001 Optical. In fact, according to CooperVision, cAir contact lenses are preferred over Avaira by the vast majority of people.

cAir contact lenses feature a high-performing Class 1 UV filter, and they've been enhanced with higher water content. These contact lenses provide outstanding fitting, UV protection, and superior comfort all day long. When it comes to patient preference, this product scored significantly higher than Avaira at a ratio of 15 to 1. 

cAir contact lenses from CooperVision offer the following features:

- Class 1 UV protection — These contact lenses provide superior protection against damaging ultraviolet rays. cAir contact lenses block more than 90% UVA and 99% UVB4.

- Silicone hydrogel construction — These contact lenses are made from an advanced silicone hydrogel material. This substance is wettable and features no surface treatments.

- Seamless fitting and form — These fuss-free contact lenses have excellent fitting characteristics, making them easy to apply and remove. cAir contact lenses also feature higher water content for added comfort.

About 1001 Optical

At 1001 Optical, we have the eyewear and eye care products you need to live your best life. With over 30 years in operation and connections with leading global brands, we can deliver top-quality products directly to your door. We feature a large range of contact lenses, glasses, and sunglasses, all of which are carefully selected by professional optometrists and eyewear experts. 

So, if you’re looking for cAir contact lenses in Australia, browse our collection today and learn more about contact lens hygiene and overwear by scrolling our blog. If you’re also after dailyfortnightly, and monthly lenses, we have a wide range to choose from.

  • CAIR TORIC - 6 LENSES - 14 DAYS $70.00

    The Cooper Vision Cair Toric 14 Days 6 Lenses contact lenses are an innovative, comfortable eyewear solution for those who desire an easy alternative to glasses. 1001 Optical is proud to sell Cooper Vision 14 Days contact lenses, which use innovative technology, so you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing them!

    Whether you’ve used contact lenses before or you’re new to them, these Cooper Vision lenses are convenient and comfortable. The Cair Toric is a Fortnightly contact lens; meaning you’ll have to change yours every 14 Days. We can also fit your Cooper Vision contacts with your personal prescription - if you have a condition such as astigmatism, or need multifocals, it won’t be a problem. Speak to our expert optometrists or customer service team if you’re after advice and assistance in this matter.

    Not sure whether the Cair Toric 14 Days 6 Lenses are for you? Why not come into your nearest 1001 Optical store or contact customer service? Our team of experts will be happy to assess your lifestyle and check your eyes, and then give you helpful advice on how to use and care for these contact lenses.

  • CAIR - 6 LENSES - 14 DAYS $54.00

    1001 Optical is proud to sell Cooper Vision Cair 14 Days 6 Lenses contact lenses. Cooper Vision is an industry leader when it comes to comfortable contact lenses. These 14 Days contact lenses are ideal for both those newly looking for an alternative to glasses, and those who have been using contacts for years.

    Even if you’ve tried contact lenses before and didn’t like them, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try the Cair contacts in which technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and Cooper Vision Cair 14 Days 6 Lenses contact lenses are more comfortable and easier to put on/take off than ever before. With a great flow of oxygen, these contact lenses won’t dry your eyes out and you’ll hardly be able to feel them due to the material and lightness of the lenses.

    We offer a range of prescriptions for your Cair contacts, so even if you have a high prescription, or a particular eye condition, we’re sure we’ll be able to assist you. Get in touch with our customer service team or visit your nearest 1001 Optical store.