Sunglasses To Suit Your Face
Sunglasses To Suit Your Face

Sunglasses To Suit Your Face

When you put on a pair of sunglasses, you don’t just want to block out the glare of the sun. You want to know that the sunglasses suit your face and flatter you, so you can look good even on the hottest days. Here’s a guide to
how to find sunglasses to suit your face, so when you pop on your pair, you know you look amazing and can feel confident.

Know Your Face Shape

Everyone’s face is unique, but in general, most peoples’ faces fit into these four main categories:

  • Oval - oval faces are well-proportioned, longer than it is wide, with a jaw that’s slightly narrower than the cheekbones.

  • Round - round faces tend to be wide at the top and underneath the cheekbones and this often makes features look softer.

  • Heart-shaped - a heart shaped face will have a wide forehead and a narrow chin.

  • Square - square faces have strong features, with a wide hairline and wide jaw.

We recommend tying your hair back and looking in the mirror to work out the closest face shape to your own, as this will make it much easier to find the right sunglasses. For some people, it’s hard to tell, they may be in-between shapes and might need to try different styles.

Know the Styles of Sunglasses to Suit Face Shapes

There are many different types of sunglasses to suit face shapes of all varieties. Some popular glasses styles are detailed below.

Cat eye

Cat eye sunglasses can be good for both square and round faces, depending on the style you choose. They take focus away from a wide jaw and can balance your face.

Sunglasses To Suit Your Face

Horn rimmed

Horn rimmed sunglasses come in different shapes, so can suit most faces. Angular faces suit smaller, rounded lenses, while those with round faces look good with the larger square lenses.

Sunglasses To Suit Your Face


Pilot sunglasses come in different sizes, and some lenses have more of a teardrop effect than others. Larger frames are great for heart shaped faces, and some people with round faces find they can help elongate their face.

Sunglasses To Suit Your Face


The size and style of rectangle sunglasses you choose is key. Oversized rectangles are good for round faces, while those with heart shaped faces suit smaller frames.

Sunglasses To Suit Your Face


Round sunglasses look great on those who have quite angular faces, so square and heart shaped people may find they flatter their features.

Sunglasses To Suit Your Face


If you have a square face, avoid square sunglasses that are thick or heavy. Go for ones that have a slightly rounded edge, or thinner frames. Square frames can be good for oval and round faces as a bold focal point.

Sunglasses To Suit Your Face

It’s not just the shape of the sunglasses you should take into account. Choose a colour that suits your skin tone too, as this will help flatter your face. Also, different face shapes suit different frame thicknesses. Those with angular features often suit thinner, wire glasses or slim frames, while people with round faces often look good with the heavy, statement frames to define their face.

At 1001 Optical, we offer a huge range of sunglasses in different shapes and styles, so it’s easy to find some that suit your face. Browse and buy online, with delivery to your door, or visit one of our branches to try on pairs and find a look you love.