Short Sighted Swimmers, Fish Out Of Water
M-Short Sighted swimmers fish out of water

Author - Karthiga Kanthan (Optometrist) 


Dressed in your best swimming attire, once you take off your glasses, the beach or pool becomes one big, blue blur.

Unable to distinguish between the lanes and the fear of not being able to see the bottom of the pool or sharks at the beach - shouldn’t deter short sighted individuals from swimming!

So what’s the solution to this dilemma? Contact lenses present as an obvious choice however, contact lenses should never come in contact with water. This includes beach, lakes, showers, hot tubs and swimming pools.

A serious infection called Acanthamoeba keratitis is a parasitic ocular condition which can lead to blindness. It is nearly always associated with the interaction of contact lens and water. 

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Ideally, short sighted swimmers should invest in waterproof snug fitting prescription swimming goggles which will be the best option. Not only will clarity be enhanced but the eye will remain dry thus eliminating chance of infection. Being myopic or short sighted shouldn’t impede anyone from achieving their swimming goals. 

Mack Horton, an Australian swimmer is short sighted and was at his zenith when he stood on the podium and received the highest accolade in the swimming world – Olympic gold medal. His commendable accomplishment is an inspiration to every short sighted Aussie child dreaming of pursuing Olympic Glory! 

By Karthiga Kanthan 

Optometrist at 1001 Optical 

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