How To Fix Sunglasses
How To Fix Sunglasses

How To Fix Sunglasses

Nothing is worse than accidentally damaging your sunglasses, especially if you’ve invested in a beautiful designer pair that you love. At 1001 Optical, we’ve put together a guide on how to fix sunglasses, with some of the common fixes explained. 

How to fix scratched sunglasses 

One of the most common mishaps glasses and sunglasses wearers suffer is a scratched lens. This can happen if you throw your sunglasses into your bag without a case or put them face down on your desk. That’s why many people ask us how to fix scratched sunglasses. 

There are a lot of lifehacks online about repairing sunglass scratches, from using baking soda to sunscreen, and unfortunately, a lot of them don’t work. You should also avoid using products such as car wax that are made for scratches on car paint work, as this can ruin the lenses. Ultimately, applying substances like toothpaste or waxy substances to your sunglass lenses might cover a small, shallow scratch, but it can mean you have a lower level of UV protection, as the coatings can be damaged. 

It’s best to take your sunglasses to a reputable optician, like 1001 Optical, who are experts on how to take scratches out of sunglasses. We may be able to reapply the coating to cover minor scratches or can simply give you a quote to replace the damaged lens. The good news is, it usually costs less to do a lens replacement than buying new sunglasses! 

How To Fix Sunglasses

How to fix crooked sunglasses frames 

Another problem you might find over time is that your sunglasses feel crooked on your face. This can be because: 

- Thinner frames can naturally change shape slightly over time

- The screws can loosen making your glasses feel crooked

- One of your ears can be slightly higher than the other, and if your sunglasses aren’t adjusted, they can feel crooked even if they’re not

- The structure of your glasses has been damaged, perhaps because they’ve been in a bag with heavy objects or you’ve sat on them 

How To Fix Sunglasses

Luckily, if you’re wondering how to fix crooked sunglasses frames, the solutions are simple. If you have metal frames, you can very gently adjust them yourself. However, you should only make small adjustments this way, as otherwise, they can snap. If the problem is loose screws, then the solution is simple, you just need a small enough screwdriver and can fix it yourself. 

Another query that we often find on our website is ‘how to tighten my sunglasses’. If you own glasses or sunglasses, it’s advised to keep a small screwdriver on hand, so you can do the job yourself at home. 

If you can’t adjust your glasses at home using DIY methods, don’t worry. 1001 Optical can help with repairs and adjustments, such as fixing crooked sunglasses. Simply contact one of our branches and we’ll be able to discuss your needs. 

At 1001 Optical we can help you with damaged sunglasses repairs, or even help you find a new pair. We offer a range of buy now, pay later options, and you can buy online via our website or in-store in NSW and VIC.