How To Fix Scratches On Plastic Glasses Lenses
How To Fix Scratches On Plastic Glasses Lenses

Author - Michelle Nguyen (Optometrist) 

Getting rid of scratches on lenses

If you’re like me, you’d be notoriously guilty of not putting your glasses in their case when you’re not using them. 

And, once I’ve finally managed to fumble my way through my bag to find them sitting right at the bottom, I wipe away the smudges and debris off my lenses with the corner of my shirt. 

But wait, what’s that? I hold my glasses up to the light and lo and behold - a scratch.

It’s one of those painful things you may come across when dealing with your everyday spectacles, and even for sunglasses wearers. In short, there is no way I would know how to fix scratches on plastic glasses lenses by myself. Due to the nature of both prescription and even non-prescription sunglasses, any attempt to buffer or smooth out any damages that have occurred on a lens surface will change the focus and clarity of the lens. This is because lenses have been specifically grinded in a particular shape or curve to provide the correct power intended, and if the surface curve is changed even slightly, it may lead to distortions in vision.

So what does this all mean?

This means that instead of figuring how to repair scratched lenses on glasses, you will have to replace the lenses, especially if it is interfering with your line of vision, which will result in less optimal vision through your glasses.

When purchasing your new lenses, make sure you ask your optometrist or optical dispenser about what coatings are available on your lenses. There are a variety of options that make lenses more scratch-resistant. However, be aware that nothing is entirely scratch-proof. Because of this, that means we still have to properly take care of our glasses to prevent future scratches from happening.

So as we all learn, next time I won’t be just putting my glasses in my bag and wiping them with a shirt because to fix scratches on eyeglass lenses by oneself is not possible. We all want our specs to look good, and have a great time looking through them!

By Michelle Nguyen. 

Optometrist at 1001 Optical. 

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