Do's and Don'ts - Reading Glasses
Do's and Don'ts - Reading Glasses

We have seen that many glasses wearers come across questions about reading glasses and so below are a few frequently asked questions that are answered for you to read and be aware. 

Can I wear reading glasses all the time?

This will depend on your reading glasses magnification or prescription, if it is generally a very weak or low prescription then it may not hinder any day to day activities and can even slightly crispen things up for you. However if it is a stronger reading prescription we do not recommend wearing these all the time, we recommend wearing glasses for reading/ipads/computers/laptops and generally near work or concentration tasks. If you want to wear glasses all the time without having to take them on and off you should be considering multifocal lenses.

How do you know what strength reading glasses to get? 

When selecting reading glasses your strength will be determined by your age, working distance and comfort. This can be determined by your local optometrist at 1001 Optical, alongside any tweaks to the strength of the reading glasses so we can tailor it perfectly for you and whatever near tasks you may be needing them for.

Why do you need reading glasses? 

Once we hit the age of ~ 40 years old, technically everyone needs a pair of reading glasses. This is due to Presbyopia, Presbyopia is the fancy way of saying that the lens in your eye responsible for focusing up close becomes less elastic and loses its ability to focus as sharply as it used to. This is why reading glasses are needed, especially if you are having to hold your phone or documents at further away arm lengths!

Does wearing glasses make your eyes worse?

Wearing glasses do not make your eyes worse. This is a very common misconception. Your age and genetics are the major factors determining your glasses prescription, with minor factors including the environment and the amount of near work that is being done. It is always best to take a 5 minute break for every 1 hour of screen time to give your eyes a rest.  

Do's and Don'ts - Reading Glasses