Crazy Contact Lenses
Crazy Contact Lenses

Crazy Contact Lenses For A Perfect Costume

Summer is over, and we are nearing the season of costumes, fantasy worlds, and magic. Yes, we are talking about Halloween. However, these days, putting on costumes is not reserved only for this holiday. Many events, like themed parties and cosplay, are becoming more and more popular each day in Australia.

With this growing interest in costume parties, people are trying their best to make their costume better than the one before. And nothing completes your overall appearance like crazy contact lenses. 

Not so long ago, these unusual contact lenses could be seen in the movies. But now, anyone could own a pair, and look like a real monster, zombie, or a witch. But, to choose the right one, you should be aware of a couple of things first.

Why Are Crazy Contact Lenses Popular?

Getting a pair of decorative contact lenses, can really change the way you look. Even though these novelty contact lenses can’t correct your vision, they can change the colour of your eyes. Furthermore, they can make your pupil seem different, giving you the look of a cat, a vampire, a zombie, and more. 

So without having to dig into your budget, you can have the perfect monster costume, just by adding this simple detail. Among other things, decorative contact lenses are:

  • budget-friendly

  • safe to wear

  • a significant upgrade to your overall appearance

Just like with regular contact lenses, you should be aware of the importance that cleaning and disinfecting has, but we will discuss more on that subject later on. 

When Can I Wear Crazy Contact Lenses?

The answer is simple - whenever you like. Although many people associate decorative contact lenses only with Halloween, they can find their purpose almost any day of the year. These novelty contact lenses can be used in:

  • Theatre

  • Fashion shows

  • Photo shooting

  • Movies

And most importantly, you should get these novelty lenses any day that you wish to try something new. If you like experimenting with styles, then this is one way to do that. If you were wondering how you would look if your eyes were of a different colour, then with these lenses you can see for yourself. 

Or you can simply feel like dressing up as your favourite fictional character. Without decorative contact lenses, your costume simply wouldn’t be complete. 

Are Crazy Contact Lenses Safe?

When it comes to decorative contact lenses, the rules are the same as with the ones that you use to correct your vision. In general, they are safe to wear, but first, you must consult with your doctor. People who have never owned contact lenses, and their first experience with them is through a decorative pair, can be unaware of the danger that lack of care and unverified provider can cause.

Buying any type of lenses without having a prescription can cause serious damage to your eyes. Contact lenses are in direct contact with our eyeballs, and it is necessary that they are bought from a verified store. If you experience redness, pain in the eye, or decreased vision after wearing any type of contact lenses, you should immediately contact your eye doctor.