Blue Light Control Lenses And Glasses
Blue Light Control Lenses And Glasses

Author - Francis Chen (Optometrist) 

Blue Light Control Lenses and Glasses

From light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and xenon light to energy-saving bulbs and electromagnetic radiation from screens, all the "new light sources" that are designed to make our lives better and easier contain a higher proportion of blue light than the old traditional light bulbs.

The different spectral composition of the light means that we are exposed to significantly more blue light than before.

Too much light in the ultraviolet and blue light can damage the human eye. As well as leading to painful inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea, it can also cause damage to the eye's crystalline lens (e.g. cataracts) and especially to the retina (macular degeneration).

Blue light radiation from light sources or screens can be irritating or tiring for some people's eyes. Some people find that light sources with a high proportion of blue light can make them feel more restless at night. 

Spectacle lenses with a blue light filter can create more comfortable vision in these situations. These are usually referred to as blue light glasses and these type of lenses are available online and at your nearest 1001 Optical store in Australia. You can simply select your choice of frame, add the suitable type of lenses as per your prescription and then finally add the blue light control coating to your lenses. 

Blue Light Glasses

Along with a blue light blocker, you may just need a combination of lenses that also keep you safe from UV light and which is why our Ultimate UV lenses neutralise/block blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue. It reduces glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision. It provides better contrast perception and odder a more natural colour experience which thereby make it suitable for computer glasses. 

These anti-blue light / blue blocker glasses can be formed with any optical frame combined with lenses that contain the blue light control (or Ultimate UV) coating that keep you safe from this light radiation affecting your eyes. 

By Francis Chen

Optometrist at 1001 Optical. 

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